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Elliott Business Software Version 8.6
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Production / Manufacturing - Work Order Plus

Real-time e-Commerce /
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A Cost Effective Solution for Macola Progression Software Users.

Elliott Version 8.6 - General Release

On April 28, 2023, Elliott Version 8.6 was released to the general public. Version 8.6 introduces new enhancements such as Report Desk, Power Search and Avalara Sales Tax Interface, all taking advantage of the relational database engine. The Version 8.6 database is highly compatible with prior versions of Elliott V8.x. You can run Elliott V8.6 and previous V8.x versions side by side. Therefore, upgrading to Elliott 8.6 carries minimal risk for prior 8.x users. While we will continue to support Elliott 8.5 in the near future, we recommend planning to upgrade to 8.6.
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