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What Is E-Commerce?

Everyone has heard talk of e-commerce. In fact, it is probably one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry today. Recent reports indicate that E-Commerce has reached the $5 billion mark in annual transactions, and that by the year 2001 such transactions may grow to an incredible $17.8 billion annually. But putting a singular and clear definition on it can be challenging if you are not entirely sure what e-commerce is.

E-Commerce solutions are designed to help your business focus on selling your product or services to new customers while developing the most effective business relationships possible. By allowing customers to handle their own transactions on line, you are succeeding in strengthening the relationship by putting the power back into the hands of the customer.

It is said that with better availability and less expensive access to the Internet, Internet usage is set to explode over the next few years. Think about this. Times are changing, and customers expect companies that are flexible and can meet their ever-changing needs. Therefore, for a company to survive the Internet Age they need to find new ways to provide the same traditional services and satisfy changing customer needs. Companies who embrace this change are set to gain more customers, and streamline their business processes.

When e-commerce, or Internet transactions, are tightly integrated with back end office systems, business can provide better service to their customers while reducing costs to the company. And isn't that the overall goal of any business?

While you ponder your next move, and decide how best to implement e-commerce into your business world, take a look at some numbers that put the impact of e-commerce enabled business in perspective.

By the year 2005, 250,000,000 new users will be connected to the Internet.
Only 52% of small business owners have online access.
Only 35% of small businesses have a web page.
$750 million in airline tickets were sold over the web last year alone.

Isn't it time you make your E-Move?

Read the Myths Of E-Commerce

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