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Domain Name Services is more than just selecting and registering a domain name. Domain Name Services translate your domain name to an IP Address. Whether this is for your web site, ftp site, or E-mail server, Domain Name Service, (DNS), is crucial to your Internet Services.

The URL for your company's website, (http://www.yourcompanyname.com), is associated with a unique IP address. An IP Address is the actual location that anyone can expect to find your site when they type www.yourcompany.com. For example, if a user types www.netcellent.com the browser converts the URL to the following IP address:, which is the physical location of our site on the Internet. DNS is the service that tells everyone looking for your unique IP address where they can find it.

Domain Name Services are different than Web Hosting Services. You may still decide to have your web site hosted on a server within your company, but you still need a domain name host, or a host who can tell everyone where they can find your unique IP address. You can still choose to host the DNS yourself, but if you choose to outsource the service we can help.

Register your Domain Name today!

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