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The E-Commerce Myth

Myth #1: E-Commerce is only for large companies.
When many companies think of e-commerce they immediately dismiss it as an alternative only available to those companies with "deep pockets". But that is, in fact, an incorrect assumption. Any business, small, medium or large may need to implement e-commerce/e-business. As long as there is a need and the volume justifies the need. If so, does the company have all the necessary information to implement e-commerce into the business?

Myth #2: E-Commerce must be implemented in an all or nothing approach.
Developing an e-commerce solution does not have to be a fully implemented solution from the day you launch your web site. Rather, make intelligent decisions about the process as you would with any business project or plan. Maybe you want to focus solely on establishing an online presence first. Maybe the "complete online storefront" that you ultimately envision can be added later when you are satisfied with your online presence.

Myth #3: E-Commerce will destroy standard business practices.
The exponential growth of the Internet has produced many new industries and revolutionized the business practices of many existing ones. But e-commerce is only the latest sales and marketing tool available in a long history of such tools. As such businesses must decide how best to incorporate it into their overall business plan. E-commerce does not mean the extinction of standard business practices. Companies today must keep up with technology, but stay in touch with practicality.

Whatever your immediate focus, whether an interactive and exciting web site, or a complete e-commerce solution, NETcellent possesses the knowledge to both understand your companies needs and the ability to bring them to life successfully!

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