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In the past if your business had multiple locations one of the common ways for them to communicate was through lease line connections. Such connections were expensive to have and maintain. And the alternatives to lease line connections were often unreliable. Additionally, traveling employees had to communicate using slow Internet connections. However, with the advances and availability of high speed Internet Access, seamless integration between multiple locations or employees and their offices have become more affordable.

By utilizing Terminal Service and Virtual Private Network, (VPN), technologies and cost effective high speed Internet Services the seamless integration that your company demands is accessible. Our staff is trained in these technologies and can help you set up the best technology for your unique demands.

Terminal Service
  Terminal Service will allow authorized users to dial into a computer in a remote location using any Internet Connection that is available to them. Once they are logged into the remote computer they can do and have access to everything on the computer as if they were physcially there working on the computer locally. What is unique about this type of connection is the user who has dialed in will be working completely on the remote computer, running as a separate local session of the remote computer. This eliminates the transfer of data over the Internet connection which would significantly slow processing time, since all the data is available on the remote computer. Each station that can be dialed into remotely, (called a Terminal Server), can host up to several sessions, or several dialed in users.
Virtual Private Network
  If a service like we have talked about above sounds like what you are looking for but you are concerned about security risks, then considering a Virtual Private Network, VPN, maybe the solution for you. VPN's use an encryption process to allow communication over the Internet. Therefore, anyone who is able to intercept the communication would need the proper encryption key to decipher the information being communicated. Essentially with this solution you have the ability to use the public Internet and have the additonal benefit of using a private network without the costs associated with a physical private network.

Our staff of trained experts in both of these areas can help you determine and set up the proper solution for your company. Contact us today to learn more!.

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